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Silicon EC UK Limited is a specialist structural engineering consultant that has expertise in providing Structural Design Services to the engineering and construction industries of Plymouth. We create Structural Designs for all structures of a different type, sizes and complexity. Our Structural Engineering Services assist architects, builders, and contractors to build strong and reliable buildings. From Structural Designing and Drafting, steel detailing, Structural Analysis, precast detailing to shop drawing, our engineers focus on exceeding the client's expectations.

We have more than 10 years of experience in creating Structural Plans of the Buildings using advanced technologies and software. As a responsible and trustable structural design consultant of Plymouth, we follow international and regional codes of structural engineering. We provide accurate, clear and concise structural drawings and Structural 3D Models for all types of steel structures including power plants, industries, towers, airports, bridges, skyscrapers, dams, tunnels and off shore oil platforms.

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Structural Services Plymouth

We deliver best in class structural services that stand the test of time. Our structural design and analysis allow smooth and faster construction. In Plymouth, we have successfully delivered structural plans for the various building including skyscrapers, industries, powerplants, shopping malls, and residential buildings. Our structural services also include conversion of 2D Structural Drafting to 3D Structural Model with the highest accuracy and details. Along with structural drafting and 3D modeling, we also provide digitised construction documentation, RFIs, Bill of Materials (BOMs), material takeoffs, etc. Our experts are capable of delivering precise and reliable Structural Analysis Services for critical parts like pillars, towers, dams and bridges etc.

We follow the given approach while delivering structural services:

  • Structural Design & Drafting
  • Structural Design Calculation
  • Structural Design Analysis
  • Structural Documentation
  • Structural Shop Drawings and Fabrication Drawings
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Structural Engineering Plymouth

Silicon EC UK Limited provides Structural Engineering Services to more than 50 countries. We have specific expertise in structural design of residential and commercial buildings, bridges and damns, flyovers, skyscrapers and airports. Our professional team have a rich knowledge of Structural Design and Drafting and we follow structural steel standards including AISC, AWS, NISD, Euro Codes and British Standard Codes. Our wide range of services including structural drawing, Structural Steel Detailing, shop drawings and Fabrication Drawings. All these services improve the speed, quality and cost-effectiveness of the construction process. We work with advanced technology to deliver the finest quality steel detailing for structural components, foundation and platforms. Our designers and drafters can transform your ideas into detailed Structural Plan Drawing. They support you in all phases of the construction process, right from structural drawings and Structural 3D Modelling to Structural Analysis.

We follow the given approach while delivering structural services:

  • Structural design & analysis
  • Structural steel detailing
  • Rebar shop drawings
  • Fabrication drawings
  • Bar Bending schedules
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Structural Drafting Plymouth

Silicon EC UK Limited delivers data-rich Structural Drafting Services to help builders, general contractors, engineers to plan the design efficiently. We provide complete Structural Design Drafting solutions, ranging from Foundation Plans, Floor Structural Design, Structural 3D Modeling and Structural Analysis Service. We have created Structural Drawings for multiple industries that give us the advantage to help you resolve your design challenges easily during the early phase. Our decade of experience and expertise in structural designing of the building helps you to make the building stable and strong. Our team follow Structural Drafting standards while creating structural drawings for a house, industrial and commercial buildings. Accurate and detailed Structural Plans and drafting are necessary to get the building permit for most structures.

We follow the given approach while delivering Structural Drafting Services:

  • 2D CAD Drafting
  • Flooring Layouts
  • Reinforced Concrete Detailing
  • Prefabricated Building Systems
  • Structural analysis and calculation
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Schematic Structure Design Plymouth

Silicon EC UK Limited create intelligent Schematic Structure Design, for engineers, architects, contractors and fabricators. Schematic Design Analysis helps them to efficiently transform building design into the actual building. In the design development phase, schematic design plans are reviewed to include all the details needed for construction. Schematic Design Report has a plan of action about how a building will look based on the budget and client's need. The Schematics Drawings are the rough plan that includes site plans, floor plans and building elevations. Our Schematic Design Services for building shows where rooms will be located, place of doors and windows and overall building structure. We also offer complete schematic designs including electrical schematic design and plumbing schematic design throughout Plymouth. During the schematic design phase, our engineers study functionality and usability of building to improve safety, compliance and aesthetics of the structure.

We follow the given approach while delivering Schematic Structure Design Services:

  • Site plans
  • Floor plans
  • Building elevations
  • Development of Dimension, Areas, and Volume
  • Budget estimation
  • Schematic design documents
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Pre-Engineered Building Plymouth

At Silicon EC UK Limited, we offer Pre Engineering Structure Drawings to transform your design ideas into a real building. With a team of engineers, we design Pre-Engineered Buildings that are stable, safe and strong. The Pre-Engineered Metal Building system is beneficial because it is cost-effective, take less construction time and needs low maintenance. The best use for the pre-engineered metal building system includes industrial applications such as factories, storerooms, warehouses, aeroplane hangars, garage and distribution centres. We provide complete building design services that include pre-engineered frames designs, pre engineered column, shed design and pre engineered slab design. We follow Pre-Engineering Design Codes while designing pre-engineered commercial and industrial buildings. We offer the best quality solution to our clients by using Staad Pro and Tekla with efficiency to draw accurate Pre-Engineered Steel Building Design.

We follow the given approach while delivering Pre-Engineered Building Services:

  • Pre-fabricated metal building
  • Pre engineeredBasic application
  • Pre engineered primary frame
  • Pre engineered secondary member
  • Roof and wall panels
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Facade Shop Drawing Plymouth

Our Facade Shop Drawings give actual information about the shape and structure of the building facade of every part. Facade shop drawings are a guide used by contractors, fabricators and installers and can enormously influence the sustainability of any given project. We can create 2D and 3D Facade Drafting for frameless glass partitions, doors and windows. We have vast knowledge and experience in developing Facade Detailing Drawings that are durable and cost-effective. Our Facade System Drawings are enough efficient to control the lighting, acoustics, and temperature inside the building. We ensure to provide the most accurate and detailed facade shop drawings and Facade Fabrication Drawings with quick turnaround time.

We follow the given approach while delivering Facade Shop Drawings Services:

  • Fabrication Drawings
  • Bracket Layout Drawings
  • Aluminium facade detailing
  • Curtain Wall Facade
  • Glass Facade
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As one of Plymouth’s leading structural engineering consultancy, Silicon EC UK Limited aims to build structural designs that make the building strong and long-lasting. While working on structural steel detailing, we follow international and regional building codes and standards. Our team of experts use the latest technologies to create unique steel structures designs. Our structural 3D model improves design, planning and communication between builders, contractors, engineers and architects involved in construction. Overall, structural drawings and drafting enhance building technical performance and constructability.

Why Choose Us:

  • Best quality structural services
  • Cost-effective services
  • On-time delivery
  • Accurate and detailed work
  • Responsive team
  • Innovative structural designs

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