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Silicon EC UK Ltd is a global leader in the Steel Detailing sector. We deliver the best quality Structural Steel Designs to the structural engineers, steel erectors and fabricators for stable and strong construction of high raised buildings, bridges, industries and other structures. Our 10 years of experience empowers us to develop precast drawings and Rebar Detailing for all type of building including residential, industrial and commercial buildings.

Steel Detailing Dundee

We serve steel detailing services in more than 150 locations in 50 countries across six continents. We are aiming to work with structural steel manufacturing companies in Dundee to deliver a wide range of services including Deck Detailing, Staircase Detailing, Shed Fabrication Drawings, Steel Plant Drawing and Cabinet Details Drawings. Our steel detailer follows international detailing codes such as British Standard Codes, Euro Codes, AISC, NISD and AWS while working for structural steel fabrication companies in Dundee.

We have reached to various construction companies to offer Steel Fabrication Services for offshore oil rigs, pedestrian bridges, industrial steel structures and much more. With our inboard team of steel detailers and structural engineers, we are capable of delivering all these services in a given timeline at affordable rates.

Our steel detailers have expertise across given areas:

  • Column-Beam joints steel detailing
  • Steel shop drawings and Fabrication drawings
  • Part and assembly drawings
  • GA drawings and FEED diagrams
  • Industrial shelter detailing
  • Construction sequencing and documentation
  • 3D structural modeling
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Precast Detailing Dundee

Silicon EC UK Ltd has successfully engineered, scheduled and delivered Precast Detailing Services to top-tier fabricators, general contractors and engineers in Dundee. We have expertise in using advanced technology to prepare precast designs that help builders construct seamlessly. We understand the building designs of Dundee and have the proven ability to deliver the highest quality Reinforced Concrete Design services at an economical cost. Our precast detailing services give information about the number, size, shape and location of the precast elements like the concrete walls, slabs, cladding panels, precast joints and connections. We deliver a wide range of precast drawings such as Precast Floors Design, Precast Beams Design, Precast Wall Panels and Precast Columns Designs. These precast drawings are used by the contractors and fabricators to place the panels at the project site. Our team of experts have vast knowledge to develop Precast Panel Design of all size, shape, strength and detail. Silicon EC UK Ltd has achieved significant expertise in detailing that proves our ability to provide the best and feasible precast panel detailing services for all precast types.

Our precast detailers have expertise across given areas:

  • Tekla structures precast design
  • Tekla structures concrete design
  • Bar bending schedule
  • Tilt up panel design
  • Precast fabrication services
  • Precast shop drawings
  • Precast wall panel design
  • Beam, column and slab detailing
  • Precast concrete joints and connections designs
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Rebar Detailing Dundee

Silicon EC UK Ltd is a well-established rebar detailing company in Dundee. We deliver Reinforcement Concrete Detailing and Bar Bending Schedules for major projects across the globe. We have a devoted team of designers, detailers and engineers who can provide a complete solution for all your rebar drawings needs. Our rebar detailing solutions covers Rebar Footing Details, Steel Connection Drawings, Rebar Beam Design, Rebar Framing Plan Design and Precast Panel Detailing. We have detailed over 2100 reinforced concrete structure projects that include commercial buildings, high raised buildings, bridges, tunnels and power projects. Our Rebar Shop Drawing gives all specific details of bends, shapes, and lap slices as per the requirement of the client. With our expertise in 3D rebar detailing and Reinforcement Detail Drawings, we can deliver complex construction drawings successfully on time and in the budget.

Our proficiency for rebar detailing services to include:

  • Rebar structure steel detailing
  • Structure foundation rebar detailing
  • Rebar shop drawings services
  • Rebar fabrication services
  • Rebar framing plan design
  • Rebar structure foundation
  • Slab reinforcement drawings
  • Rebar Estimation
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Our main aim is to provide the best quality steel detailing solutions for complex steel structures with extreme perfection and finesse. Therefore, we deliver cost-effective structural steel designs with accurate details to achieve higher efficiency on site. From shop drawings, tilt-up panel detailing, fabrication drawings, rebar detailing and precast detailing our steel detailing teams are ready to support you.

Why Choose Us:

  • Trusted service provider of steel detailing
  • Economical cost of projects with reduced waste
  • Our steel detailing minimise risks
  • Time bound delivery of steel detailing
  • Enabled Pre-fabrication directly from drawings
  • Improved projected delivery
  • Fabrication or construction visualization in real time

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