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Silicon EC UK Limited is a design-oriented company that is committed to excellence in developing shop drawings. We deliver professional Shop Drawings Services, HVAC Designs, MEP Drawings, Structure Steel Shop Drawings and Plumbing Shop Drawings throughout Swansea. Established in 2008, our team have well qualified and experienced structural designers and detailers delivering precise shop drawings and CAD drawings by using today's latest software. We have rich knowledge of shop drawing standards including British Standard Codes, Euro Codes, AISC, AWS and NISD to collaborate with construction companies in Swansea. Being full spectrum shop drawings and Steel Fabrication Drawings expert, we serve our services for all type of structures like skyscrapers, bridges, flyovers, dams, commercial buildings, manufacturing industries, warehouse and oil rigs. We add every detail in our shop drawings and construction drawings so that contractors, fabricators and engineers can easily analysis it.

Our detailers have expertise across the enlisted areas:

  • Mechanical shop drawings
  • Steel fabrication drawings
  • Interior design shop drawings
  • Ductwork shop drawings
  • Plumbing shop drawings
  • Curtain wall shop drawings
  • Facade shop drawings
  • Glazing shop drawing

Shop Drawings Services Swansea

Silicon EC UK Limited is one of the most preferred shop drawings providers in Swansea. Shop Drawings are usually needed during the pre-fabrication process. It shows the position and shape of every element like elevators, windows, trusses, sheet metal, electrical elements. We provide qualitative and reliable shop drawings from which information are easily retrieved. Our shop drawings include dimensions, erection and fabrication instruction to guide construction companies.

Our Shop Drawings Services Include:

  • Structural steel shop drawings
  • Concrete reinforcement drawings
  • Woodwork shop drawings
  • Coordination shop drawings
  • Millwork shop drawings
  • Ductwork shop drawings
  • Furniture detail drawing
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CAD Shop Drawings Swansea

At Silicon EC UK Limited, we provide high-quality CAD Shop Drawing to contractors and fabricators across Swansea. Our CAD Design Services are reliable and enable you to fabricate and erect your project run smoothly and efficiently. We offer CAD drawings in multiple disciplines including architectural, mechanical, structural, electrical, piping, oil & gas, industries, and aviation. Our team of experts also deliver CAD 3D Model of the project for fabricators to visualise and analyse throughout the fabrication and erection process. We have created CAD shop drawings and 3D CAD model for multiple industries, showing detailed drawings of major components. We offer complete CAD services which include Electrical CAD Drawings, Mechanical CAD Drawings, 2D CAD Drawing and CAD drafting services. Outsource CAD drafting services and CAD shop drawings from Silicon EC UK Limited, a leading CAD outsourcing company of Swansea.

Our CAD Shop Drawing Services Include:

  • CAD shop drawing
  • CAD drafting and designing
  • 2D and 3D CAD model
  • CAD conversion
  • CAD product design
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HVAC Duct Shop Drawings Swansea

Silicon EC UK Limited specialises in providing HVAC Duct Shop Drawing Services to large scale commercial, residential and industrial projects in the field of the HVAC system. We offer precise and high-quality HVAC Duct Designs and models at economical cost. Our ductwork shop drawings are technically sound and sustainable that follow all current codes. We offer complete HVAC designing services that include HVAC duct sizing, ducting layout, air duct designs, return air duct designs, Ac Duct Designs, fire duct and duct plenum designs to make the duct installation process easier. We are delivering high quality and innovative HVAC Ductwork Designs to the major infrastructure projects in Swansea. Our HVAC designing and drafting services add comfort and reduce the energy consumption of the building. Our customised ductwork designing and HVAC CAD Drafting Services are developed as per customers requirement and help to achieve quality output and enhance productivity.

Our HVAC Duct Shop Drawing Service Include:

  • Rectangular duct sizes
  • HVAC plenum design
  • HVAC duct layout
  • Duct Scheduling
  • Duct Drawings Creation
  • Duct Element 3D View
  • Numbering, Tagging, and Measurement of Duct
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MEPF Shop Drawing Swansea

Silicon EC UK Limited is an experienced and well-established MEP consultant of Swansea. Our professional team of mechanical, electrical engineers, architects and designers, are ready to assist you with MEPF Shop Drawings for your next project. We also provide precise, high quality MEP CAD Drawings, MEP BIM Model and MEP coordination services to fabricators, builders and MEP contractors. Silicon EC UK Limited has streamlined its process to provide our clients with the professional, efficient and cost-effective MEP shop drawings services. Our whole range of MEP services includes MEP shop drawing, MEP 3D model, MEP Electrical Drawings, MEP plumbing drawings, mechanical drawings for the construction industry. MEP shop drawing services with pinpoint accuracy is the answer to all your MEP construction needs. Therefore, outsourcing MEPF shop drawings from Silicon EC UK Limited, a trusted MEP service provider of Swansea.

Our Expertise in the Following MEP Services:

  • MEPF shop drawings
  • MEP BIM Services
  • MEP 2D drafting services
  • MEP 3D modeling services
  • Mechanical shop drawing
  • Electrical shop drawing
  • Plumbing shop drawings
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Piping Shop Drawing Swansea

Silicon EC UK Ltd offers piping shop drawing services across the Swansea, that act as a guide for the plumbers, installers and pipefitter while they work in the construction site. Piping plan drawing created by our expert team gives a clear understanding of positions, dimensions and shape of the plumbing elements like pipe slope, valve tags and centre of the pipe. We offer piping designs that show the layout from different views including elevation, section and plan. Our team uses advanced plumbing drawing software to design intelligent 3D plumbing and piping shop drawings that provide accurate visualisation for installation and fabrication of different elements. Clear visualisation gives a better idea about coordination and conflict between mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) fields. Plumbing layout models are used to handle industrial projects with a high level of complexity. We are outsourcing piping design services to various industries including power plant, oil-and-gas industry and chemical processing plant. Our customised pipe fabrication drawing helps in optimum use of space along with better convenience, improved safety and easy maintenance.

Our Expertise in the Following Piping Design Services:

  • Pipe spool drawing
  • Boiler piping design
  • Piping drawings for compressed air and fuel
  • Steam piping design
  • Hot and cold water piping design
  • Piping drawings for sanitary drainage and vent system
  • Gas piping design
  • Chemical piping design
  • Pipefitter drawing
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Structural Steel Shop Drawings Swansea

Silicon EC UK Ltd is a quality-driven structure design consultancy offering well defined Structural Steel Shop Drawing services across Swansea. We specialise in delivering steel shop drawings and fabrication drawings used for the fabrication of reinforcement steel during the construction. Our professionals use the advanced steel detailing software to create accurate, efficient and clear Steel Structure Drawing for steel construction. Our Steel Fabrication Drawings and Steel Erection Drawings are information rich and it takes the construction process to the highest level of efficiency. Our steel shop drawings services include Steel Staircase Drawing, 3D detailing, rebar detailing, Steel Beam Design and steel fabrication drawing services. Our effective ways of project management will ensure your structural drawings are delivered on time at economical cost. From initial structural analysis, structural drafting to structural 3D modeling, our designers and detailers work with builders, contractors and fabricators to create strong, safe and sustainable Steel Building Drawings.

We Cover the Following details in our Structural Steel Shop Drawings:

  • Position of steel bars
  • Size of steel members
  • Welding details
  • Bolting details
  • Fabrication standards
  • Steel member details
  • Surface preparation
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