Rebar Detailing

Silicon EC UK Ltd is majorly committed to maintaining the highest standards of CAD Services for engineering designing. We are mainly specialized in 2D and 3D designing, detailing, drawing, and modelling for the various verticals of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction. We firmly believe the quality and timely delivery is the core of best customer service and we are seeking perfection in the same. The overall service is dependent on vigorous working methodology, versatile domain knowledge, and leveraging technology. At Silicon EC UK Ltd, the professional pool is immensely talented and knowledgeable enough to be with current industry changes and rapidly implementing in undertaken projects.

Here at Silicon EC UK Ltd, the Rebar Detailing is mainly proceeded after preparation shop drawing for the installation reinforced steel. The accuracy for identifying coordination errors, inefficient communication, and conflicting content will be avoided for the successful execution of 3D Rebar Detailing. The Rebar Detailing Shop Drawing offer the specific details of bends, shapes, and lap slices as per the requirement of client. In case of issues, we immediately handle by visualizing the Rebar Structure before actual construction.

Our Services

  • Rebar Shop Drawing
  • Rebar Estimation
  • Rebar Detailing
  • 3D Rebar Modelling
  • As-Built Drawings
  • Bar Listing
  • Bar Bending Schedules

Silicon EC UK Ltd has a world-class infrastructure reflects in our results. Our critical eye for overall management of projects lets has us a long-term relationship with engineering clients. To be the best in industry, we practice efficiency and reliability for our valued customers. We value talent and skill that supports team to remain resourceful to tackle complexities and challenges of a given project. The passion for excellence and attention to detail drives this organization successfully.

Why Choose Us

  • Responsive Communication
  • Project Progress Information
  • Transparent Operations
  • Unsurpassed Quality
  • Varied Detailing Dimension
  • Seamless Project Execution
  • Advanced Technology
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Time Bound Delivery

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