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Mechanical CAD & BIM Services

Silicon EC UK Ltd is a dynamic and focused organization specialized in CAD & BIM to the construction industry. We offer a wide range of CAD Services Mechanical Sector for delivering diverse business requirements.

We have the latest resource complement with an extensive range of skills reflects in our favorable results. What makes us stand apart is our quality standards in terms of durability, cost, and sustainability. Each of undertaken project is delivered with high-level specifications including design calculations, data sheets, and bill of materials.

Our Mechanical CAD & BIM Services Design includes modeling, drawing, design, graphics, and CAD-related activities. We offer advanced CAD for mechanical engineering solutions to streamline complex mechanical design with the best infrastructure. Mechanical Engineering stems from physics includes the analysis, design, manufacturing, and nurturing of mechanical systems. The engineers at Silicon EC UK Ltd is offering you with design and development execute through CAD, concept inception, design brief, assessment and documentation, model development, and testing.

Our Services

  • Ducting and Piping Design
  • HVAC Load Calculation
  • HVAC Services
  • Specific Preparation
  • Ventilation Calculation

Silicon EC UK Ltd is aware of the cutting-edge market however we never leave the company of innovation. It is our sole and fuel pushes us to perfection as well as customer satisfaction. Our extensive experience in implementation, customization, and consistency throughout the building/product lifecycle span from conceptual to designing play as the biggest asset. We apply the domain-specific practices for different industries as well as fortify the adherence with firm quality requirements.

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