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Silicon EC UK Ltd is a renowned BIM company with more than a decade of experience in Building Information Modelling. We have successfully delivered hundreds of 3D models in the global market and now we are exploring our BIM services in Salisbury. Our huge knowledge of construction drawings allows us to deliver new and innovative BIM Design Solution according to the architectural and culture of Salisbury.

We combine vital architecture, structural and MEP factors to provide innovative and sustainable BIM models. Our 3D to 5D BIM Services cover the whole construction process from ideas, designs, to construction and maintenance. Silicon EC UK Ltd has expertise in designing BIM models for the various building including a commercial, residential, schools, hospital, malls, colleges and industrial buildings. We do detailing of LOD 100 to 500 in BIM models to help construction firms in managing materials and scheduling time.

The main features of Building Information Modeling are:

  • 3D Visualization
  • Time Management
  • Cost Related Information
  • Material Management
  • Clash Detection
  • Bill of Material
  • BIM Construction Documents
  • CAD to BIM Conversion

BIM modelling services play a key role in shaping the buildings that are stylish, smart and sustainable. A successful BIM design maximises the construction speed and reduces the wastage during construction.

Building Information Modeling Salisbury

Silicon EC UK Ltd is committed to delivering the most durable BIM modelling services to the construction firms across Salisbury. Our Building Information Model improves productivity by increasing construction speed and eliminating errors. Using our BIM model, contractors, builders and engineers can share and communicate more easily. They can make the right decision for costs, schedule and logistics. We outsource all types of BIM models including Architecture BIM Model, structure BIM model, MEP BIM model and BIM clash detection. We outsource affordable BIM models with high-resolution visualisation and accurate details. Our Building Information Model also gives material requirement details and cost details before the construction starts.

Our BIM Services are:

  • 3D BIM modeling
  • 4D BIM modeling
  • 5D BIM modeling
  • Architectural BIM model
  • Structural BIM model
  • Point cloud BIM
  • LOD 100/200/300/400/500
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BIM Coordination Salisbury

Silicon EC UK Limited is the fastest-growing BIM company in Salisbury. We provide valuable BIM coordination services to enhance the overall quality of the construction project. Our BIM Coordination Model saves millions of pounds by detecting and solving the clashes between architecture, structure and MEP drawings. It also avoids the chances of rework and keeps the construction project on schedule. BIM coordination drawings simplify the project by bringing architecture, structure and MEP models on one platform. It keeps everyone syncronised by improving communication and sharing among them.

The main Features of BIM Coordination Models are:

  • Collection of data
  • Real-time clash detection
  • Coordinate BIM model
  • Data presentation
  • 3D model visualization
  • Analysis of model constructability
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BIM Family Creation Salisbury

Silicon EC UK Ltd is a leading BIM company in Salisbury with over 10 years of success and more than 100 BIM family creation projects completed. This makes us one of the most trusted firms to provide parametric and non-parametric BIM family creation services for architecture, structure and MEP components. BIM Family Creation, help you to minimise modelling time. It also improves coordination among various disciplines. We prepare BIM family for all type of complex buildings as per the builder's needs. We also store 3D BIM components in the library and replicate it whenever it is necessary.

The main features of the scan to BIM models are:

Architectural BIM Family Creation

  • Doors and windows
  • Furniture and walls decoration
  • Ceilings
  • Floors
  • Partition
  • Stairs and grills

Structure BIM family Creation

  • Beams
  • Columns and joints
  • Trusses and decks
  • Concrete and Rcc structures
  • Decks

MEP BIM Family Creation

  • Switchboards
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Water pipes and pumps
  • Wiring and cables
  • HVAC ducts
  • Fitting and valves
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Scan to BIM Model Salisbury

Silicon EC UK Ltd has created various 3D BIM Models that have empowered contractors, engineers, builders and architects. Our Scan to BIM models is used to make informed decisions in the renovation projects of historical places in Salisbury. Our BIM modellers analysis millions scanned points showing the surface and topography of the reconstruction building. Using these captured data points they design information-rich BIM 3D models. Scan to BIM model is also used for expanding the building, retrofitting and demolition. We have made scan to BIM models that have information about architectural, structure and MEP designs. The 3D BIM Model is made from Laser Point Survey shows all the elements like beams, columns, walls, roofs, pipes and ducts. Scan to BIM services also makes the work of surveyor easier.

The main features of the scan to BIM models are:

  • Creation of As-built BIM models
  • Mesh modelling
  • Provide the survey data
  • 2D Floor plans, elevations and sections
  • Rendered visualizations
  • Post-construction site verification
  • Documentation
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As built BIM Salisbury

As-built BIM modelling is the latest process of designing and documenting all types of construction. It gives the complete view of building elements like beam, column, MEP components, floor, roof and trusses. Building Information Modeling is the intelligent way of representing the physical and functional features of the building. As-built BIM model provides clear insight about construction and works as a tool to plan, design and manage the construction.

The main features of the As-built BIM models are:

  • Creation of 2D As-built BIM drawings
  • Data processing
  • As-built BIM document preparation
  • Contractor and subcontractor markups
  • Adding details of LOD 100/200/300/400/500
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